Case Study – Cleanroom Self-Adhesive Sticky Notes

At UltraTape, we’re excited to support the industries that are transforming the world. The unique and complex needs of critical environments drive us to explore and invest in specialized solutions that add value to our customers’ processes.

Here’s an example of how an UltraTape team member helped one of our large semiconductor customers. On a recent visit, our sales manager noticed several notes taped to the customer’s equipment in their cleanroom. Although the paper they were taping up was cleanroom compatible, our manager thought there must be a better option for placing notes in and around the cleanroom. He worked with our design team to come up with a cleanroom-compatible sticky note in a variety of colors using nonparticulate paper and a low-outgassing, removable adhesive. The self-adhesive notes were packaged in cleanroom bags in groups of 10 according to the customer’s requirements. The new product simplified the customer’s process and showed them that they could count on us as a partner who is there to help solve any adhesive challenges they face in their critical environments.