Keypad Overlays


Unlimited graphic design options are a key feature of UltraTape's keypad overlay panels. Embossing, raised printing, and die or laser cutting are just some of the effects that we can incorporate into an overlay panel to enhance its appearance and ease of use.

UltraTape's keypad overlays enhance the appearance and functionality of any visual user interface. We offer a wide variety of finishes and substrates to meet the needs of your application.

Overlay Options:

  • Custom printing – digital, screen printing, UV letterpress, UV offset, UV screen printing
  • Textured surfaces
  • Color matching
  • Embossing – pillow embossing or ridge embossing
  • Selective doming
  • Selectively applied lenses or printed windows
  • Customized adhesives
  • Die cutting
  • Laser cutting
  • Chemical resistant surfaces
  • Antimicrobial coating
  • Ultraviolet (UV) hardcoats