UltraTape offers a variety of printing methods to deliver customized tapes, labels, films, and overlays to meet the needs of virtually any application.

Our roll to roll flexographic printing capabilities enable us to work with a wide range of materials including plastics, rubber, foam, and vinyls to develop unique labels for our customers. Our advanced UV flexographic printing equipment is capable of producing high-quality custom products quickly. Our process capabilities include:

  • Consecutive numbering and bar coding
  • Gloss or matte UV coatings
  • Slitting
  • Folding and fan folding
  • Punching and drilling
  • Eyelet and button
  • Two-sided printing

The label or overlay on your product is one of the first things a user sees and is responsible for conveying important information. UltraTape's screen printing process for labels and overlays ensures the highest quality and durability for your product. We offer a number of screen printing techniques including:

  • UV screening
  • Spot printing
  • Coatings

UltraTape's digital printing option is a cost-effective method of generating labels, especially when smaller quantities are needed.

UltraTape's inkjet technology offers an efficient solution for printing labels and overlays without the need for plates. This process is ideal for printing smaller volumes quickly.

UltraTape offers a wide variety of hot-stamping foils that can be applied to a variety of label materials to give a rich look that will make your message stand out.

For objects with concave, convex, or contoured areas, UltraTape's sister company, TouchMark, offers high precision pad printing services and specialty inks.