UltraTape provides precision slitting, laser cutting, die-cutting, rewinding and custom converting capabilities to a wide range of industries including OEMs, medical, electronics, aerospace, and automobile.

UltraTape provides precision slitting and rewinding capabilities for adhesive tapes, film, foil, paper, and specialty materials. Our custom slitting technology has the capability of reducing a larger master roll down to 0.125" with tolerances of +/- 0.025" or tighter depending on the type of material.

UltraTape's advanced laser cutting system accurately cuts very small features and intricate designs on a wide range of substrates. Precision laser cutting can produce holes, slots, and openings with tight tolerances to accommodate the needs of your specific application.

UltraTape offers an extensive array of custom and precision die-cutting capabilities. We die-cut and laser cut tapes, films, foils, abrasives, and custom laminates as well as a wide range of overlay materials for the electronics, medical, industrial, and automotive industries.

UltraTape performs laminating services for a variety of substrates. Our laminating services help us customize a solution that meets your needs by combining unique adhesives to liners and substrates.

UltraTape offers a number of printing processes that enable us to customize a tape, label, or overlay for your specific application.

  • Flexographic printing
  • Screen printing, UV screen print
  • Digital printing
  • UV letterpress
  • UV offset
  • Hot Stamp

UltraTape's versatile coating technologies allow us to offer you a wide range of coating options. Our engineers work with customers to develop a coating process using advanced chemistry, allowing us to meet even the most demanding requirements.

  • Polymer coating
  • Adhesive coating
  • Antimicrobial coating