• Offers the highest level of cleanliness available for today's critical environments.
  • Suitable for use in Class 100 to Class 1 cleanrooms.
  • UltraTape's web cleaning system dissipates the static layer, allowing both sides of the label stock to be cleaned.

Classic Clean:

  • Offers cleanroom packaging and is ideal for keeping products safe from environmental contamination prior to use.
  • Suitable for Class 10,000 (ISO Class 7) to Class 100,000 (ISO Class 8) cleanrooms. 
  • No visual material transfer on Glass
  • Over 24 hour at room temperature
  • Acrylic (low and medium tack)
  • Lowest residue over long period of time (years)
  • Synthetic Rubber
  • Low residue over shorter time (month)
  • Natural Rubber
  • Highest residue over long time
  • Proprietary Manufacturing process
  • Cleanroom Certified
  • Particle counts (bag and pull counts)
  • Standard Tape ( avg. ›100K 0.3 um )
  • UltraTape CR (range ‹1 to 100 0.3 um)
  • Double bagged and sealed in a Cleanroom to assure Cleanroom delivery
  • Application surface
  • Temperature
  • Permanent vs. removable (time applied)
  • Chemically resistant
  • Cleanliness – particle free
  • Residue Free
  • Anti-Static or Conductive
  • Color
  • Circuit Board Masking
  • Cleanroom
    • Box sealing
    • Plastic tenting
    • Pipe wrap
    • Floor marking
    • ESD Tape
  • Medical / pharmaceutical
    • Autoclavable
    • Surface Protection
    • Sterilization indicator
  • High Temp

Glossary Of Technical Terms:

Adhesion: (Peel Adhesion) How well the tape sticks to a surface. Usually measured in ounces of pull (force) required to remove a one-inch wide strip of tape from a steel plate (i.e., adhesion to steel). Usually measured in ounces/inches. The same tape usually adheres differently to different surfaces.

Adhesion to Backing: The force necessary to peel the tape from its own backing (i.e. to unwind the tape).

Adhesive: The most common type of adhesive is a blend of rubber and resins. Other pressure sensitive adhesives are acrylics and silicone. Acrylics are highly solvent and weather-resistant while silicones have a high resistance to heat.

Backing: The material on which the adhesive is carried (i.e., paper, cloth, film, vinyl, etc.).

Carrier: Sometimes used to refer to the backing material, particularly in double-faced pressure-sensitive tapes.

Classic Clean: Ideal for keeping products safe from excess environmental contamination. Suitable for Class 100,000 to Class 1,000 cleanrooms.

Conformability: The ability to be applied to irregular surfaces. This property is related to the elongation (stretch) of the backing.

Creeping: The ability of certain plastic tapes to shrink back to their original length after being stretched (i.e., vinyl). Also called elastic memory.

Elongation: (Ultimate) The percentage of stretch at the breaking point of the tape.

Liner: The material used between tape layers to prevent adhesion of the tape to itself—usually used for double-coated tapes.

Quick-Stick: The adhesive adheres immediately to the surface when applied. Rubber adhesive have good quick-stick properties.

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive: A sticky substance which adheres by application of pressure alone, and does not require the use of water, heat, or solvents.

Release Coating: A thin layer of a waxy substance, which reduces the adhesion to backing (i.e. reduces the unwind strength).

Residues: Adhesive transferred from the tape to the surface applied. Heat, moisture, sunlight, reactions to the surface, creeping, tape age, and many other factors influence the potential to residue.

Tack: The property of the adhesive, which is defined by the stickiness (i.e., high-tack, medium-tack, low-tack).

Telescoping: Deformation of the roll due to the winding force exceeding the adhesion to backing. The tape roll begins looking like a “telescope”. Smaller widths telescope more than larger widths. Heat accelerates.

Tensile Strength: Force needed to break the tape, frequently expressed as oz/inch.

UltraClean: Denotes UltraTape exclusive UltraClean Certification. Suitable for Class 100 to Class 1 cleanrooms. UltraTape's web cleaning system dissipates the static layer, allowing both sides of the label stock to be cleaned.