Today’s workplaces can contain many hazards that make it difficult for employees to work and move safely throughout a facility.

Floor marking is an essential part of making a workplace safe. Proper floor marking can:

  • Create order.
  • Keep employees away from dangerous areas.
  • Warn of and mitigate hazards.

OSHA mandates that permanent aisles and passageways be clearly marked in order to maintain a safe work environment. The agency offers several suggestions for properly marking floors including a color guide:

OSHA standard for safety color codes
  • Red Floor Markings
    Indicates (1) danger, (2) stop or (3) presence of fire protection equipment.
  • Orange Floor Markings
    Marks the dangerous parts of machines or energized equipment which may cut, crush, shock or injure employees. Orange emphasizes these hazards when the guards or enclosures around them are open.
  • Yellow Floor Markings
    Warns of physical hazards and means caution. A striped or checkered pattern of yellow and black may be used to help attract attention.
  • Blue Floor Markings
    Denotes caution and its use is restricted to marking out-of- service equipment which should not be used.
  • Green Floor Markings
    Indicates either the location of safety equipment such as first aid materials or conveys safety information.
  • Black & White Floor Markings
    Or a combination of the two is used to designate areas to be kept clear for operational purposes ( not related to safety or compliance standards)
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