Wafer Box Sealing Tapes

UltraTape’s Wafer Box Sealing Tapes are ideal for packaging and transporting wafer boxes. These low-density polyethylene tapes are low in halogens and leachable chlorides. Polyethylene film and acrylic adhesive minimize outgassing and offer good “clean peel” properties. The tapes also offer excellent chemical resistance and good conformability.

UltraTape’s Wafer Box Sealing Tapes are available in two adhesion levels:

UltraTape 1110 is designed specifically for sealing wafer shipping boxes as well as cleanroom packaging and bag sealing. It's specially formulated medium-high adhesive leaves no residue or ghosting on plastic boxes, even after prolonged storage. The tape contains extremely low levels of metals, halogens, and outgassing.

Colors: White (WH), Red (RE), Yellow (YE), Blue (BL), Orange (OR), Green (GR), Clear (CL)

UltraTape 1112 is similar to the 1110 product. It is for applications where a medium adhesion tape is preferred. The 1112 tape has the same adhesive system (but a different ratio of ingredients) as the 1110 tape and a medium density as opposed to a low-density polyethylene backing. These properties make it suitable for general use in the cleanroom environment.

Colors: White (WH), Red (RE), Yellow (YE), Green (GR), Clear (CL).