1153 Blue & White Stripe Tape

UltraTape’s blue and white stripe Protocol Tape was specifically designed for one of the world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturers. The company approached UltraTape looking for a tape with a strong adhesive bond and clean removability that was also designed for cleanroom construction. The tape had to be particle-free, residue-free and easy to tear by hand. Because the tape was to be used in a critical environment, where contamination was a concern, it was important that employees be able to visually identify the tape as being cleanroom certified.

To accommodate this request, UltraTape created the trademarked blue and white striped Protocol Tape. This unique randomized blue and white strip design gives the customer visual assurance that the specified tape being used is cleanroom certified. Today, UltraTape’s 1153 blue and white stripe Protocol tape is widely used in cleanrooms around the world. The trademarked tape can be used to hang heavy plastic sheeting to create temporary walls, door sealing, taping cartwheels, pipefitting, ductwork, and floor marking. Contact Us