Failure of a label to adhere, or to withstand the harsh conditions of the environment it is used in can have significant consequences. Medical and pharmaceutical labs have the arduous task of sample management. With the rapid advances taking place in the sciences, sample inventory for laboratories has expanded exponentially, creating an even greater need to more effectively manage samples and mitigate sample loss. Sample loss can have a critical impact on this industry.


The impact, ranging from minor inconvenience to major devastation,  is felt differently across various types of labs.

  • In a clinical setting, sample loss can lead to misdiagnosis, delays in diagnosis or even fatalities and lawsuits
  • In a pharmaceutical environment, it can postpone or halt drug development and production
  • In an academic lab, it can impair - or even void your findings
  • In a biotechnology setting, it can compromise your quality control, data integrity, or drug safety.  It also opens the door for the possibility of intellectual property loss or delay in technology and product.