GHS Labels

OSHA recently adopted a Globally Harmonized System of standards (GHS) that require chemical manufacturers and repackagers to carry specific information on their products such as safety, first aid, precautionary statements, environmental hazards, storage and disposal application instructions.

One of the most effective ways to comply with the new GHS standards is with a booklet label. Ultratape is able to create custom booklet labels that will meet the needs of any application:

Multi-panel foldout leaflet

  • Laminated to custom die cut pressure sensitive label Available in a variety of substrates and adhesives
  • Available in UltraClean for critical environments or Classic Clean
  • Can be customized to be resealable or removable

These labels are ideal for a variety of applications including:

  • GHS compliance
  • Product instructions
  • Multiple languages
  • Nutrition facts
  • Caution or warning information

For more information regarding UltraTape’s booklet labels contact our sales department