UltraTape Offers Cuff Sealing Tape To Protect Workers from Environmental Contaminants

Cuff-Sealing Tape

Wilsonville, OR, March 23, 2020: UltraTape Industries, a division of Delphon and the leading supplier of cleanroom tape and label products to the medical/pharmaceutical and electronics industries offers a high- purity Cuff Sealing Tape. For applications where workers are required to wear protective clothing or garments in order to prevent contact with contaminants, UltraTape’s Cuff Sealing Tape effectively seals the area between the glove and the garment.

The Cuff Sealing Tape is made of a low tack conformable polyethylene and is perforated at convenient intervals to allow the user to apply the tape with one hand. It is particle-free and residue-free and is processed through UltraTape’s clean manufacturing process to ensure that it adheres to strict cleanroom requirements. The tape is also available in a gamma irradiated version for applications where sterility is a concern.


Located in Wilsonville, Oregon, UltraTape Industries, a division of Delphon, manufactures high quality cleanroom tapes, labels and graphic overlays for critical environments. The ISO certified company maintains a cleanroom manufacturing facility to assure particle-free and residue-free products that meet even the most stringent standards. UltraTape specializes in material development in order to customize products to meet customer specifications.

For more information Contact: Jennifer Nunes, Delphon Marketing Director, jnunes@delphon.com