Optics and Photonics

Optics and photonics


    Color Coding | Optics And Photonics | UltraTape

    UltaTape has an extensive assortment of colored tapes that are available in various adhesives and are ideal for color coding applications in critical. Our color coding tapes allow you to meet ANSI and OSHA standards for identifying hazards in the workplace.

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    Double Sided | Optics And Photonics | UltraTape

    UltraTape's pressure-sensitive tapes feature an adhesive coating on the front and back sides. Our double-sided tapes are available in a variety of different substrates and adhesive technologies and are ideal for bonding two surfaces together.

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  • ESD

    ESD | Optics And Photonics | UltraTape

    ESD cleanroom tapes are designed for use where electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a concern. ESD tapes are naturally anti-static or are treated to produce an anti-static surface to generate very low voltage during unwind and use.

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    Extreme Temperature | Optics And Photonics | UltraTape

    UltraTape's extreme temperature tapes maintain their integrity even in the harshest environments. Our high temperature tapes can withstand temperatures up to or 260° C and our cryogenic and SubZero tape can withstand temperatures as low as -80°C.

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    Flame Retardant | Optics And Photonics | UltraTape

    UltraTape manufactures a line of tapes that are flame resistant/fire retardant for use in aerospace applications as well as severe environmental conditions. These tapes address industry standards for maximum insulation and protection.

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    Floor Marking | Optics And Photonics | UltraTape

    Floor Marking tape is an overlaminated vinyl with a durable polyester film to withstand areas with heavy traffic. Overlaminated vinyl tape is scuff resistant and holds up well to solvents, humidity, and oil.

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    General Use | Optics And Photonics | UltraTape

    UltraTape has an entire line of tapes that were created for general cleanroom use. From floor marking to construction, our tapes offer a particle-free,residue-free, durable solution for critical environments.

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    In Process | Optics And Photonics | UltraTape

    UltraTape manufactures a line of tapes that are ideal for in-process applications. These tapes are chemical resistant, heat resistant, remove easily and leave no residue.

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    Silicon Free | Optics And Photonics | UltraTape

    UltraTape offers a line of silicon free tapes for use in electronics, and optoelectronic manufacturing processes where silicon is a concern.

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    Surface Protection | Optics And Photonics | UltraTape

    ​UltraTape's surface protection tapes provide residue-free, protection for any surface, whether painted, mill finished, or polished. Use on stainless steel, glass, aluminium, coated metals, and plastics. Our tapes are durable and offer excellent outdoor performance.

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