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    In-Process & Surface Protection Sample Kit w/ Tape Dispenser


    These unique specialty cleanroom tapes can be customized to meet a wide variety of applications. Included in Sample are UltraTape 1310,1410,6570, and 6573. Along with Single Roll Dispenser.

    ITEM: #In-Process & Surface Protection Sample Kit w/ Tape Dispenser

    Price Per Pack: $75


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    In-Process & Surface Protection

    UltraTape offers a number of specialty cleanroom tapes that can be customized to meet a wide variety of applications. Such as special packaging, cores, backing, and adhesive materials are available to meet specific requirements.

    • Available in many substrates and adhesives
    • Customized packaging to meet critical environment requirements
    • Available in UltraClean or Classic Clean
    • Poly TechCut™ tapes and labels for circuit board mask, wave solder, and other high temperature applications
    • High temperature, low adhesive wafer processing tapes

    In-Process & Surface Protection Tape Product Specifications

    Part # 1310 1410 6570 6573
    Backing Vinyl Closed Cell Polythylene Foam Polyester Polyester
    Adhesive Acrylic Rubber Double-Sided Silicone Silicone
    Total Thickness 3.0+/-0.5
    2.0+/-0.5 mil 1.9 mil
    Adhesion to Stainless Steel 5oz/inch 65oz/inch 35oz/inch 30oz/inch
    Operating Temperature -40° to
    200° F
    up to
    +150° F
    -10° to + +350° F up to 425° F
    Elongation at Break 200% N/A 90% 90%
    Tensile Strength 14lbs/inch 20lbs/inch 25lbs/inch 25lbs/inch
    Length 55 yards 18 yards 72 yards 36 yards

    UltraTape UT922 Single Roll Dispenser

    UT922 is designed to hold one roll up to 2″ wide and 220 yards in length on a 3″ core. The dispenser is supplied with a 3″ plastic core holder.

    UltraTape 1310 Vinyl Surface Protection Tape

    UltraTape 1310 is designed to provide maximum protection for all surfaces, whether painted, mill finished, or polished. Use on stainless steel, glass, aluminum, coated metals, and plastics. Excellent outdoor performance. Additional Product Specifications for 1310.

    • Colors: Translucent Blue (TB).

    UltraTape 1410 Double-Sided Foam Permanent Adhesion Tape

    UltraTape 1410 is a closed cell polyethylene foam double-sided tape on a blue polyethylene liner. Clean polyethylene foam for a variety of use during construction and maintenance. Additional Product Specifications for 1410.

    • Colors: White (WH).

    UltraTape 6570 High Temperature Polyester Tape

    UltraTape 6570 bonds quickly to all surfaces and removes cleanly with no residue. Low metals. High temperature tape for up to 350° F (177° C). The silicone adhesive assures no adhesive residue even at elevated temperatures. Additional Product Specifications for 6570.

    • Colors: Clear (CL).

    UltraTape 6573 Green High Temperature Polyester Tape

    UltraTape 6573 is a polyester film with low adhesion, pressure sensitive, silicone adhesive that provides outstanding tensile strength and thermal endurance at elevated temperatures up to 450° F.

    This high temperature polyester tape is designed to bond to silicon substrates as well as other difficult to bond to surfaces. The silicone adhesive ensures a clean release. Additional Product Specifications for 6573.

    • Colors: Green (GR).