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    med w-6031999

    Medical and Pharmaceutical Tape Sample Kit with Tape Dispenser


    These unique tapes were designed specifically for Medical and Pharmaceutical applications. All tapes are supplied on 3″ plastic cores. The cleanroom tape is processed through our clean manufacturing process, and then each roll is individually inspected and individually wrapped in cleanroom polyethylene bags; and then double bagged in packs. Included in the sample kit are UltraTape 7155, 7160, 1114P, 7512, and a high quality single roll tape dispenser UT922.

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    UltraTape Medical & Pharmaceutical Tapes

    UltraTape’s unique tapes are designed specifically for Medical and Pharmaceutical applications. All tapes can be irradiated to meet the strict requirements of these industries.

    • Cuff Sealing Tape is perforated to allow the user to apply and tear the tape using one hand
    • For critical and aseptic processing applications
    • Irradiated lot traceability and certification
    • Products available for direct and indirect food contact
    • Gap sealing tape for use during dry-fog/aerosol disinfection

    Medical & Pharmaceutical Tape Product Specifications

    Part # 1114P 7155 7160 7512
    Backing Polyethylene Saturated Crepe Vinyl    Polyethylene
    Adhesive Acrylic Rubber Rubber Acrylic
    Total Thickness 5.5 +/-0.7  
    6.0+/-1.0 mils 5.5+/-0.7  mil
    Adhesion to Stainless Steel 12oz/inch 36oz/inch 22oz/inch 19oz/inch  
    Operating Temperature 20° to +190° F Indicates at 273° F after 5 min steam pressure of 1.02kg/cm2  -20° to +190° F -40° to +250° F
    Elongation at Break 450% 10% 100% 550%
    Tensile Strength 9lbs/inch* 22lbs/inch 18lbs/inch 14lbs/inch
    Length 36 yards 60 yards 36 yards 36 yards

    UltraTape 1114P Polyethylene Low Adhesion Perforated Cuff Sealing 

    UltraTape 1114P is a low adhesion, cuff sealing polyethylene tape used to ensure an effective seal between the glove and garment, protecting the product and worker. 1114P low adhesion tape is perforated at convenient 4-inch intervals to allow the operator to use one hand to apply the tape. Gamma irradiated version also available. Additional Product Specifications for 1114P.

    • Colors: White (WH).

    UltraTape 7155 Autoclavable Steam Indicator Paper

    UltraTape 7155 is a high tensile, premium grade, saturated crepe paper with a tinted stripe of color changing ink that produces a dramatic color change upon autoclave process completion. Autoclavable steam indicator paper is designed for high temperatures. Adhesion to non-woven and muslin fabric as well as plastic and metals. Additional Product Specifications for 7155.

    • Colors: Natural Tan (ST).

    UltraTape 7160 Autoclavable Medium Adhesion Vinyl Tape

    UltraTape 7160 is a medium adhesion tape able to withstand 273° F (134° C) for +30 minutes, entire roll can be autoclaved. Medium adhesion vinyl tape is writable with a ball point pen. Vinyl tape is used for product labeling, color coding, and bag sealing during the autoclave process. 7160 medium adhesion vinyl tape is also available in gamma irradiated for use in a sterile environment. Additional Product Specifications for 7160.

    • Colors: Blue (BL), Clear (CL), Green (GR), Orange (OR), Red (RE), Yellow (YE), White (WH), Brown (BR), Grey (GY), Purple (PR).

    UltraTape 7512 Polyethylene Medium Adhesion Gap Sealing Tape

    UltraTape 7512 is a medium density polyethylene tape, excellent for gap sealing of doorways and pass-throughs. 7512 gap sealing tape offers excellent conformability, is removable and residue-free. Additional Product Specifications for 7160.

    • Colors: Clear (CL), Green (GR), Red (RE), Yellow (YE), White (WH), Tinted Blue (TB).

    UltraTape Tape Dispensers UltraTape UT922 
    Single Roll Dispenser

    UT922 is designed to hold one roll up to 2″ wide and 220 yards in length on a 3″ core. The dispenser is supplied with a 3″ plastic core holder.

    • Colors: Blue (BL).