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    Construction Tape Sample Kit with Tape Dispenser


    These unique tapes are designed for hanging heavy plastic sheeting to create temporary walls, taping cart wheels and ductwork, floor marking and color coding. Use the striped hazard warning tapes to designate the OSHA critical areas of your cleanroom. Included in the Kit are model 4421,4422,1153,1165,1160, and 1168. Along with Single Roll Dispenser.

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    UltraTape Cleanroom Certified Products

    Ultraclean Products:

    • Offer highest level of cleanliness available for today’s critical environments
    • Suitable for Class 1 (ISO class 3) to Class 1,000 (ISO Class 6) cleanrooms
    • UltraTape’s cleanroom manufacturing process ensures that unwanted contaminants are removed from both sides of the facestock

    Classic Clean Products:

    • Offers cleanroom packaging and is ideal for keeping products safe from environmental contamination prior to use
    • Suitable for Class 10,000 (ISO Class 7) to Class 100,000 (ISO Class 8) cleanrooms

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    UltraTape Cleanroom Construction Tapes

    UltraTape cleanroom construction tapes are designed for critical environment construction and support applications. UltraTape construction tapes can be used for hanging heavy plastic sheeting to create temporary walls, taping cart wheels, pipefitting, ductwork, floor marking, and color coding. Cleanroom construction colored and striped hazard warning tapes help designate the OSHA critical areas in cleanrooms.

    • Super-Tack construction tape has a strong adhesive bond that leaves no residue upon removal
    • Protocol tapes for immediate recognition that certified cleanroom compatible tape is in use
    • RoHS certified vinyl tapes with low unwind strength
    • Available in UltraClean and Classic Clean

    Cleanroom Construction Tape Product Specifications

    Part # 0421/0422* 1153 1154 1160 1168
    Backing Polyethylene Polyethylene Polyethylene Vinyl Polyester Overlamiated 
    Adhesive None Rubber Rubber Rubber            Rubber
    Total Thickness 3.0+/-0.3     mil 7.0+/-1.0  mil 7.0+/-1.0  mil 6.0+/-0.7
    Adhesion to Stainless Steel NA 60oz/inch minimum 25oz/inch minimum 22oz/inch
    12oz/inch minimum
    Operating Temperature  up to +200° F -20° to  +200° F -20° to +200° F -20° to +190° F -10° to +175° F
    Elongation at Break >200% 80% 80% 150% 120%
    Tensile Strength >10lbs/inch 15lbs/inch 18lbs/inch 18lbs/inch 28lbs/inch
    Length 1000 feet 36 feet 36 yards 36 yards

    18 yards

    UltraTape 0421 and 0422 Polyethylene Barrier Tapes

    UltraTape 0421 and 0422 are non-adhesive caution barricade tapes made with polyethylene film on plastic cores and printed with easy-to-read letters. UltraTape 0421 is a yellow with black barrier tape printed with “CAUTION” and 0422 is a red and black barrier tape printed with “DANGER DO NOT ENTER.” 

    These barrier tapes are used to section off dangerous areas from general access. Now available in UltraClean 4421 and 4422.
    Additional Product Specifications for 0421 & 0422.

    • Colors: 0421 Yellow with Black print (YE), 0422 Red with Black print (RE). Now available in UltraClean.

    UltraTape 1153 Polyethylene Super-Tack Tape 

    UltraTape Polyethylene Super-Tack tape is ideal for any application that requires a strong bond. This high adhesion, polyethylene tape is residue-free, easy to tear, and can be be written on with a pen. Its uniquely striped color pattern allows immediate recognition of the product as a certified cleanroom tape. Super-Tack polyethylene tape is available in Protocol. Additional Product Specifications for 1153.

    • Colors: Black (BK), Blue (BL), Clear (CL), Green (GR), Orange (OR), Red (RE),White (WH), Yellow (YE), Protocol ™: White with Blue Stripe (BW).

    UltraTape 1160 Vinyl Medium Adhesion Tape

    UltraTape 1160 is a medium adhesion vinyl tape. This easy release tape is useful for maintenance and construction use. This vinyl tape can be written on with a pen and provides a strong bond without leaving any adhesive residue. Additional Product Specifications for 1160.

    • Colors: Black(BK), Blue (BL),Clear (CL), Green (GR), Orange (OR), Red (RE), White (WH), Yellow (YE), Brown (BR), Grey (GY), Purple (PR). 

    UltraTape 1168 Striped Overlaminated Floor Marking Tape

    UltraTape 1165 is a overlaminated vinyl floor marking tape with a durable polyester film to withstand areas with heavy traffic. Adheres well to all surfaces and is available in OSHA hazard colors for delineating and color-coding needs. 1165 overlaminated vinyl tape is scuff resistant and holds up well to solvents, humidity, and oil. Additional Product Specifications for 1165

    • Colors: Black/Yellow (BY), Black/White (BW), Green/White (GW), Red/White (RW).

    UltraTape UT922 Single Roll Dispenser

    UT922 is designed to hold one roll up to 2″ wide and 220 yards in length on a 3″ core. The dispenser is supplied with a 3″ plastic core holder.